• "I love the Camara Aunique Beauty lash line. There is a lash for every occasion. Day and night! I get compliments whenever I wear them an I feel absolutely glamorous."


  • "The first time I saw Camara’s lashes online I fell in love! When I saw her sale I jumped in it and got 6 different beautiful lash styles. I love the lightness of the lashes and they are all stunning. I have my sister named Amanda a pair of the “Amanda Lashes” Now named Ruth Lash for her bachelorette weekend and she absolutely loved them!!! Keep bringing out a different beauty with each pair of lashes ♥️ Thank you!


  • "Ok, so I have used many lash lines however I must say I love Camara AUnique lashes! Not only are they beautiful and come in multiple styles, they are gorgeous and easy to put on! The brand is black owned, over the top stylish and has options for every part of your day! This is my go to brand!"

    S. Warner

  • "I recommend Camara’s lashes because she helped me to be my own kind of beautiful. I believe when women feel beautiful they feel empowered. Empowerment is important in a world where women are constantly forced to prove their value. When you walk outside with your mask on, the one thing everyone sees is your eyes. I still feel beautiful even with a mask on! Thank you Camara!"

    S. Pearson